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Bio-Rad QC Article Series Published by Advance for Administrators of the Laboratory

Learning From Laboratory Failures »

Risk Management & Statistical QC »

A Closer Look at Control Material »

Analytical Assessment in the Clinical Laboratory »

The Focus of Laboratory Quality Control »

Designing a Quality Control Strategy »

The Frequency of Quality Control Testing »

Recovering From an Out-of-Control Condition »

Sigma Metrics, Total Error Budgets & QC »

Instrument reliability and QC frequency: a cautionary tale »
by John Yundt-Pacheco

The impact of QC frequency on patient results »
by John Yundt-Pacheco and Curtis Parvin, PhD.

Use of Networked Westgard Advisor Quality Control Sotware and Dashboard to Reduce QC Rejections in a Regional Laboratory System »
by Jay B. Jones et al.

Scientific Poster - Designing QC Rules in the Presence of Laboratory Bias: Should a QC Rule be Centered on the Instrument's Mean or the Reference Mean? »
by C. A. Parvin, L. Kuchipudi and J. Yundt-Pacheco

Quality Control for the Future: Risk Assessment in Laboratory Practice »
by Curtis Parvin, Ph.D.
Video Presentation »

Risk Analysis QC Plans: Principles and Priorities »
by James Westgard, Ph.D.,FACB
Video Presentation »

For shorter segments of the videos above plus Q&A sessions, check this playlist »

Quality control and cardiac marker assays

Patient Risk Management

Risk assessment and quality control

2012 Convocation of Experts on Laboratory Quality

2011 Convocation of Experts on Laboratory Quality

Second European Symposium on Quality Management in Laboratory Medicine

Using Quality Control

QC Workbook-Basic Lessons in Laboratory Quality Control

Unity Interlaboratory Program Comprehensive Overview

QC Textbook -Producing Reliable Test Results in the Medical Laboratory

Building an Effective Laboratory QC System

Lab InfoTech Summit 2008 Lectures and Audio Files

Basic & Intermediate Systems of Quality Control for the Clinical Laboratory

Discover Third Party Quality Control

Discover the Importance of Third Party Quality Control

Seeking Laboratory Accreditation Under ISO15189

Maximum permissible day-to-day imprecision and ISO 15189


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