Value Assignment / Product Studies

Program Highlights

Earn extra money for your laboratory by participating in Value Assignment or Product Development Studies for Bio-Rad quality control products.

Your Data is Valuable!

  • Participate in value assignment and help provide essential product insert data
  • Be involved with exciting new product developments and assist in evaluation of new control products or product modifications
  • Potential to use money earned to boost laboratory education funds, training or other special projects

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Criteria for Participation
Your laboratory must have local certification or be accredited to a nationally recognized body. For U.S. laboratories, the CLIA, JCAHO, CAP or COLA number is required. For other countries, local certification is acceptable.

You can download the enrollment form here or submit it online here.  Printed forms may be faxed to 1 949 598 1554, or mailed to: Product Studies (QA Labeling), 9500 Jeronimo Road, Irvine, CA 92618-2017, U.S.A.

Once enrolled, we will request a detailed testing profile, so that we know which test methods you use for each analyte. This will allow us to contact you when we have a need for a specific analyte/method combination. Each time you are contacted, you will always have the flexibility of accepting or declining to participate. If you agree to participate, we will send you the control material along with the protocol and the data sheets for reporting results. Please note that the samples sent for product studies are for evaluation only and not intended for commercial use.

Turnaround Time
Prompt reporting of results is critical. Results are usually due within 2-4 weeks of receipt of materials. However, there may be times when the data may be due sooner.

The amount paid will depend on the analyte(s) tested and number of data points required. Payment for the agreed amount will be processed within 4-6 weeks of receiving a formal invoice. Many laboratories choose to use this as an opportunity to boost laboratory funds for education, training, instrument upgrades or employee appreciation. Please be advised that reimbursement for testing cannot be exchanged for product discount or pricing adjustment.

Thank you for your interest in our Product Studies Program. We look forward to working with you and having a long and mutually beneficial relationship.


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