Lösungen für die Datenverwaltung

Unity Real Time® online more-info
Expert QC data management solution now available online
  • No installation required. Unity Real Time™ online 1.0 is conveniently available through popular web browsers such as Microsoft® Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and Internet Explorer: Mac
  • Facilitates regulatory compliance under CLIA and ISO 15189
  • Improves real-time bench and supervisor QC data review
  • Recommends and implements best QC rules when used with Westgard Advisor™ online (optional)
  • Provides high-quality statistical process control with comprehensive audit trails
  • Provides advanced charts and reports for data analysis
  • Reduces non-essential retests with Analytical Goal options
  • Enables participation in the Unity™ Interlaboratory Program
  • Optional UnityConnect™ and WebConnect™ 2.0 allow users to upload QC data points from an LIS or instrument
    into Unity Real Time™ online
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