Molecular QC Data Management

Unity for the Molecular Lab
Powering Exceptional QC Data Management

Take your molecular QC testing to the next level with Unity

Want to better assess your lab’s analytical performance to report the most reliable and precise results? Wonder how your molecular QC results compare with other labs?

Bio-Rad’s Unity Data Management solution is designed to monitor the performance of your molecular QC program. Assessment tools and easy-to-read reports help increase your performance, streamline your workflow, and allow you to report results with confidence.

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Experience the Advantages of Unity

Are you spending your time manually analyzing QC data with outdated programs?

Improve Lab Performance.

Automatically track QC performance over time

Increase performance with easy-to-read reports, efficient troubleshooting, early detection of system errors and automation.

Can you proactively detect errors that may lead to troubleshooting, assay repeats and workflow delays?

Improve laboratory Workflow.

Track Bias and Imprecision

Proactively detect unnoticed shifts and trends in your systems that may cause system downtime and delays in reporting patient results.

How do you compare with other labs running the same QC lot on the same platform?

Confidence in results

Compare your results with other labs

Benefit from a comprehensive overview of your monthly and cumulative QC performance compared to peer and method consensus groups.

Are you ready to power your lab with exceptional QC data management?

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