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My eInserts is Now Available

An Advanced Online Tool for Viewing and Customizing Your Quality Control Product Inserts at Any Time.

Questions About My eInserts™

My eInserts™ is an online tool to view Bio-Rad quality control product inserts, at anytime, through your Internet browser. When you start using My eInserts™ in your laboratory, you’ll have more features available than ever before. From creating a custom product insert to having constant access to the most current value assignment data, My eInserts™ will make your work day much easier.

When can I start using My eInserts™?
My eInserts™ will be a free online service available in 2012. Initially, a limited number of products will be available, with additional products added each month.

What will be different when using My eInserts™?
As new products are added to My eInserts™, only the “Instructions for Use” portion will be provided in the box. The data portion of the insert will be available using the website link printed on the instructions for use.

What if I have limited or no Internet access?
Please contact your local Bio-Rad representative. We can send the product inserts to you by email, fax, CD or mail. Choosing to use My eInserts™, will help reduce paper waste and the time spent looking for specific data.

When will all of my Bio-Rad quality control products be available on My eInserts™?
Products will be added as new lots are released. Over time, you will be able to take full advantage of the great benefits of My eInserts™ as they become available for most of the 300 plus Bio-Rad quality control products.

How Do I Take Full Advantage of My eInserts™?
To take full advantage of My eInserts™, you can start by becoming a registered QCNet™ user at This will allow you to save your customized inserts for both viewing or revising selections at anytime. Plus, you will have the ability to receive email notifications for your product lot updates.

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