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CLSI - Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute

The Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) is a global, nonprofit, standards-developing organization that promotes the development and use of voluntary consensus standards and guidelines within the healthcare community. We are recognized worldwide for the application of our unique consensus process. CLSI is based on the principle that consensus is an efficient and cost-effective way to improve patient testing and services.
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Recommended articles on Quality Standards and Guidelines

Recommended articles on Quality Toolkits

  • Procedure Manual Toolkit (GP2-A5-C) - This toolkit presents the major concepts of document development and control in a user-friendly format that is easy to read and implement. Nine templates with illustrative examples provide the framework for developing procedures, communicating and organizing information. Get CD »
  • Quality System Toolkit (HS1-A2-C) -
    Included in this toolkit is useful information for designing, implementing and maintaining an effective quality management system. It lays the foundation for developing quality policies, outlining quality processes, controlling documents and reporting and tracking occurrences. Get article »
  • Training and Competence Assessment Toolkit (GP21-A2-C) -
    This toolkit provides useful information for the development of training and competence assessment programs to verify that staff demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary for their assigned work processes and procedures. Get CD »

Quality Specialty Collections

  • The Key to Quality - A high-quality, specialty portfolio, with tabs for quick references, showcases the implementation of all 12 Quality System Essentials (QSEs). This comprehensive portfolio includes: Essentials, Examples, Flowcharts, Cross-References, Evaluations and a CD-ROM. Based on the widely used CLSI Quality Management Systems documents: HS01, GP02, GP21 and the electronic toolkits; GP26; and ISO 15189. Get article »
  • Accreditation Preparedness—Laboratory Practices (SCQ01) - This companion series to Essentials for Verifying Test Performance - Accreditation Preparedness (SCQ2) can be used to prepare for and meet regulatory requirements. Get article »
  • Accreditation Preparedness—Essentials for Verifying Test Performance (SCQ02) - These documents can assist the clinical laboratory in meeting regulatory requirements. Verify that test performance complies with laboratory practice requirements. Get article »

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