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2019 E2: Data Management

"As the AACC annual meeting approaches, now is a great time to focus on QC Data Management. Laboratory decisions, driven by insights from QC information, impact the reliability of reported patient test results, internal and external laboratory failure costs, as well as compliance with regulatory and accreditation requirements. When was the last time you re-examined what data management could do for your lab?"
- Jeff Larson, Marketing Manager, Informatics


Visit Bio‑Rad at AACC

Booth #3239 | Anaheim, CA | August 4–8

Here’s our AACC Bio-Rad QC line-up:

Workshop: Modern Thinking About Lingering QC Questions
featuring Curtis Parvin, John Yundt-Pacheco and Nico Vandepoele and moderated by Ann Gronowski on August 7th from 7:00-8:30 AM. Participants will receive 1.5 CEU units!
Scientific Posters:
Field Trial Evaluation of Liquichek Serum Indices Quality Control for
Pre-Analytical Monitoring

Tuesday, August 6 from 9:30 AM–5:00 PM (Poster #A-268)

Evaluating the Components of Risk of Patient Harm from Erroneous Results
Wednesday, August 7 from 9:30 AM–5:00 PM (Poster #B-030)

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QC Digital Management in the modern lab

Are you a lab that suffers through your LIS QC program or has a QC program but only uses it for Levey-Jennings charts? One of our data management experts shares some of the features commonly available to make your lab's life easier.

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Measurement of Uncertainty

Some accreditation bodies require labs know their Measurement of Uncertainty (MU or UoM) for all tests. What is it and how can it be automated?

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Six Sigma in the clinical lab

Find out how you can add quality specifications as total allowable error (TEa) to define each of your tests and refine your Six Sigma in the lab. QC design with Unity is surprisingly easy!

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Is your lab using Unity Real Time to its full advantage?

Labs tell us these 5 features of our QC Data Management Software make their lives easier by automating or streamlining laboratory processes.

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Unity Real Time Tips & Tricks

Notifications of missing QC results

Use the Manage Expected Tests option in your Bench or Supervisor Review screen to be notified if any QC results are missing, or use the optional Unity Alert program to receive email notifications when QC results have not been run within a specific time frame.
Automatically import & monitor qualitative tests

Unity Real Time offers a Qualitative Data Entry option where qualitative or semi-quantitative responses can be entered. These responses can be evaluated against test specific 'Expected responses' configured in the software. This way, you can automatically import and monitor these qualitative tests and display eventual violations in the Bench and/or Supervisor Review.

For more Unity Tips & Tricks, visit our Unity Quick Tips Page.

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