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Data Report Error Message "Incorrect Logon paramaters"

In order to resolve this, the end-user must have administrative access to the ODBC settings under Administrative Tools within the Control Panel.
  1. Open the System DSN tab, select the Name "DSN_QCDAO” and click configure (if this does not exist you must create it by selecting "Add").

  2. Verify that the correct server is listed under "Server" then select next.

  3. Use the provided SQL authentication credentials from your IT staff or the default Bio-Rad credentials.

  4. Click next, with the default settings already checked.

  5. Click next, with the default settings already checked.

  6. Click finish, at this point you can click "Test Data Source" and after verifying connection is OK.

  7. Click OK to close.

If you require further assistance please contact Bio-Rad Software Support at 800-854-6737 option 3 then option 1.

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