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I am unable receive QC from my instrument when using the Data Acquisition Manager on Unity Connect.



If your instrument is sending QC data, but the Data Acquisition Manager is not sending these files to your Unity Connect watch folder. You might need to restart the Data Acquisition Manager service or perform a power cycle on your Lantronix WiBox WBX2100E or UDS 1100 serial translation device. To solve this issue you have two options: one with a software based solution restarting the Data Acquisition Manager; the other being hardware based with you physically removing the power cable for 10 seconds.

Software based:

  1. Open the Unity Connect application

  2. Click File

  3. Select Data Acquisition Manager

  4. Click Service

  5. Select Stop Service

  6. When prompted for confirmation select Yes

  7. Wait for the message Service is installed but not started to be displayed

  8. Click Service

  9. Select Start Service

  10. Wait for the message Service is running to be displayed

  11. Close Data Acquisition Manager

  12. Re-Transmit Data from your Instrument / Analyzer.

  13. Verify transmission

Hardware based:

  1. Locate your Lantronix WiBox WBX2100E or UDS 1100

    1. They are typically located in close proximity to your Instrument / Analyzer

  2. Remove the small black circular connector labeled 9-30v DC

  3. All lights should turn off

  4. Wait 10 seconds

  5. Plug the power connector back in

  6. Lights should turn back on

  7. Re-Transmit Data from your Instrument / Analyzer.

  8. Verify transmission

Below are examples of the Lantronix products Bio-Rad utilizes

If you need further assistance please contact Bio-Rad Software Support at 800-854-6737 option 3.



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