What is WebEx

WebEx ...

  • provides rich and dynamic environment for conducting real-time customer support sessions over the Web
  • allows to view, remotely control, and annotate a customer's applications or entire desktop to analyze and solve problems
  • allows also transfer files to and from a customer's computer to analyze them or to install updates or patches
  • WebEx how to? - self explaining PDF document how to start.

WebEx - how it works

WebEx support center timetable

WebEx meetings


Please find the presentation for upcomming sessions here:

  • UnityWeb 2.0  here.
  • Introduction to connectivity here.

If you have any problems to download it, plese contact our Bio-Rad Team or send us an email:



Don’t forget about the different time zones between Prague and your country (to check the time, please go here (GMT +02:00, Europe daylight time (Prague).





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