Take the Guesswork out of Your QC Strategy

What is your laboratory’s level of confidence that out-of-control conditions are being quickly identified?

How often should controls be run for specific assays–is there an optimal frequency? How can QC be managed to minimize the risk of releasing incorrect patient results?

Laboratories with poorly designed QC strategy, including QC frequency, ranges and rules may not be able to quickly detect critical system malfunctions before releasing erroneous patient results.

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Bio-Rad Mission: Control allows you to:

Determine your laboratory's Risk Management Index (RMI).
Evaluate your test method performance based on your QC results.
Know your current risk of reporting incorrect patient results.
Assess how much you can lower your risk, based on your instrument performance.
Confidently select rules and frequency that fit your institution’s risk tolerance.

What our users are saying

Bio-Rad Mission: Control™ was effective in assessing the level of risk and determining the best QC strategy. - Clinical Chemistry Director

Bio-Rad Mission: Control™ is an innovative tool that enables my laboratory to select the best QC rules and frequency to minimize the risk of delivering inaccurate results and improve the safety of the patients. - Core Lab Director

Bio-Rad Mission: Control™ provides a good approach to optimize the relationship between cost and quality. - Central Lab QC Director

Bio-Rad Mission:Control™ finds the right balance between increased QC frequency and retesting many patient samples. - Clinical Lab Quality Assurance Manager

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Learn about Risk

Where is your lab on a scale of risk?
See how Bio-Rad Mission: Control™ can help you take the guesswork out of your QC strategy.

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Take a 3-minute test drive of Bio-Rad Mission: Control

Three minutes with our interactive risk calculator can give you an objective assessment of your lab’s risk of reporting incorrect patient results for specific analytes.

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