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External Quality Assessment (EQA) programs are accepted around the world as invaluable tools used by laboratories to periodically assess their analytical performance and achieve added confidence in reporting their patient test results. Results are objectively compared to other laboratories using the same methodologies, instruments and reagents.

When used in conjunction with daily QC, these external programs will assist laboratories in improving analytical quality, inter-laboratory agreement, identify potential equipment or reagent failures, and identify any training deficiencies.

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Reporting Results

Online/ Mobile - EQAS Online is a web-based reporting option that allows labs to provide updates to contact information, program and test configurations, and enter data automatically to the EQAS database through QCNet.com.

EQAS Online is also accessible from any internet connected Smartphone. Please follow the EQAS Online setup procedure on
QCNet before accessing the mobile application.
EQAS Online

User Documentation


For step-by-step directions and instructions use these links:

Contact/ Support

For advice, information, technical support, or assistance with troubleshooting your EQAS results, please refer to below information or contact your local Bio-Rad office or representative.

• Telephone: 1-949-598-1200 (Worldwide), Extension 7101

1-800-854-6737 (U.S. and Canada only), Option #1

• E-mail: General Inquiries:            eqas@bio-rad.com

Technical Support:           eqas_support@bio-rad.com

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