Unity™ Quick Tips

Unity Quick Tips


Unity Quick Tips are fast and easy solutions to some of the most common issues you may occasionally face when submitting data to Unity

1- Missing Data?

After transforming (Soft Connect or Transformer) and Importing your QC datafile from your instruments or LIS, is the data still not showing up in QC OnCall?

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2- New Lot Number?

Do you have a new lot number you want to add to QC OnCall?

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3- Backing Up QC OnCall.

Want to make sure all your QC data is safely backed up?

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4- Downloading the Latest Codelists.

Unable to Find the New Control/Lot Number?

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5- Installation and Recovery.

Did you get a new PC or lost your hard drive?

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6- Unable to Send Data to Bio-Rad?

Getting an Error Msg or does the software freeze/hang when sending data from QC OnCall to Bio-Rad?

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7- Send data to BIO-RAD.

Wondering how to send your data to BIO-RAD for the peer reports?

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8- Backing Up SoftConnect.

Want to store or move your SoftConnect configuration?

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This is your source for solutions to the most popular challenges encountered when using select Bio-Rad Laboratories software. The information contained within is continually being updated by our Software Support Reps, the very same experts you may have called and talked with. They have shared their expertise with us to provide a source for the most concise, user-friendly and effective solutions to challenges they resolve every day.


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