Installation Overview

Installation Overview:

Note: for detailed instructions see the Reference Guide shipped with the software.

The software is essentially divided into two parts, the application and the database.  The database can be installed using the CD on a regular desktop on the network or a SQL Server 2000.  The regular installation installs MSDE (a sort of mini SQL Server).

Bio-Rad Software Support can only fully support the regular database installation as we have no way of knowing how the SQL 2000 server is setup or administered. 

The application may be installed on any number of PCs as long as they are on the same subnet as the database.  They use DSN Setup (a front for ODBC) to “point” to the database.

You will need to go to each application install and use the DSN Setup to “point” to the correct server/database.   Start > (All) Programs > Bio-Rad Laboratories > Application Utilities > DSN Setup

Data Migration Overview:

Note: For detailed instructions creating a backup, see the Reference Guide.

  1. Close all open applications (including QC OnCall) on the PC the database is currently installed on.  (The easiest way to figure out what computer has the database, is to open QC OnCall on any computer, verify that there is data in the Lab, Lot, Test Tree on the left hand side.  Then look at the bottom of the application where is says Server -  XXXX and Database -  YYYY  Make a note of both.  The XXXX is the computer name of the PC where the QC OnCall database is located.   YYYY is the particular database that is being used.
  2. Go to the computer that has the database.  Go to Start > (All) Programs > Bio-Rad Laboratories > QC OnCall Database Utilities > Backup – Restore Database
  3. Create a backup on the local disk (c:\).  The utility cannot create a backup directly on a network drive. 
  4. Once you have created the *.bak file, you can move it to a flash drive or onto a shared drive on the network.
  5. Go to the newly installed database.  Go to Start > (All) Programs > Bio-Rad Laboratories > QC OnCall Database Utilities > Backup – Restore Database
  6. Restore the database using the file you created on the old install.
  7. Log into QC OnCall and verify the data.

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