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Infectious Disease
Quality Controls

A broad portfolio for monitoring molecular and serology testing

Bio-Rad offers a wide range of infectious disease quality controls for both serology (antibody) and molecular (nucleic acid) testing. Our controls include tests for hepatitis and retrovirus as well as for sexually-transmitted, congenital, and respiratory diseases. They are compatible across platforms, meet international standards, and are manufactured according to the ISO 17511 standard. Long shelf lives help ensure performance of your assay and provide greater confidence in patient test results.

Independent, reliable testing

Infectious disease product families

Benefits of infectious disease controls

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Broad portfolio increases range of molecular and serology testing

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Less crossover studies improves efficiency

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Performance characteristics can be established and verified

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Cross-platform compatibility streamlines workflow

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Human plasma–based matrix similar to patient samples

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Molecular controls are calibrated to meet international standards

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