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Conversion of Unity Desktop to Unity Real Time

In order to convert the database from Unity Desktop to Unity Real Time an archive must be made from the Unity Desktop program. Please use the following steps to create an archive file.

Make Archive from Unity Desktop
1) Log in to Unity Desktop
2) Click on Tools
3) Click on Utilities
4) Click on Archive/Restore
5) Select Archive
6) The default path should be C:Program FilesBio-Rad LaboratoriesUnity DesktopArchiveRestore
7) Place the file directly on the hard drive to avoid being deleted in the uninstallation and re-installation of the program.
8) Uninstall the Unity Desktop program using Add/Remove programs
9) Go to Regedit and delete the BioRad Laboratories key

After the Unity Desktop program is uninstalled, the next step is to install the Unity Real Time application and database. After the program is installed, the archived file should be restored and the database installation should be re-run to complete the conversion process.

Install Unity Real Time and Convert Database

1) Install the Unity Real Time application and database.
2) Restore the database that was made from the Archive from Unity Desktop.
a) Click on the Start Menu
b) Click on Programs
c) Click on BioRad Laboratories
d) Click on Unity Real Time Database Utilities
e) Click on Backup – Restore Database
f) Click Restore
g) Verify the path of the archive file is correct and click OK
3) After the restore is complete, run only the database installation process from the cd.
4) After the process is over, the database should be converted.

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