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I am having difficulty removing the .Net Framework.

A possible scenario is due to the file version of the .NET Framework being rolled back to the file version that was installed by the last service pack. Microsoft has released an uninstall cleanup tool to correct this behavior, click here to download. The tool is also available as a compressed file from Bio-Rad Software Support.

Please follow these steps to remove the .Net framework using the cleanup tool.

  1. "Product to cleanup", select the version of .Net framework you want to remove. 

  2. "Select Cleanup Now".
  3. Restart the computer and install the .Net framework you need.

After you run the uninstall cleanup tool, the computer is rolled back to a known good state. At this point, you must reinstall the prior .Net Framework and any necessary security patches.

If you require further assistance please contact Bio-Rad Software Support at 800-854-6737 option 3.

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