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I am using WebConnect and I am missing data for an entire control lot.

If every test in a control lot is missing data, there is most likely some issue with the configuration in WebConnect (WC). Please do the following:

Locate the lot in the Transformer:

  1. Login to Unity Real Time Online/Unity Web 2.0.
  2. Place your mouse over the Data Entry menu, then WebConnect, and click on WebConnect Home.
  3. Click on the Configure button.
  4. Click on the “Lots” tab at the top.
  5. Locate all the instances of the problem lot.

Correct the configuration:

  1. Verify the "Local Lot Code" (your control identifiers extracted from your LIS or source) match the "Lot Number: Product", many lot numbers appear similar. For example, be sure 51220 is not configured as 52210.
  2. Make sure every instance of the lot is enabled with a check mark. Many times a typo is made when entering the control identifier on the analyzer, LIS or alternate source. The data will come over with the bad control name but it can still be directed into the correct lot number in Unity Real Time.
  3. You may need to recreate the datafile, save it to a different location like your desktop, and verify that the control identifier is included.

If you require further assistance please contact Bio-Rad Software Support at 800-854-6737 option 3.

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