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UDT - I am getting a new PC. What do I need to do to save my data?

Before Transfer of applications:

1) Archive the data from within the program

> Tools > Utilities > Archive Restore

2) Copy/Move the ArchiveRestore folder created to a network location or a cd so that it can be transferred to the new pc. ***C:Program FilesBioRad Laboratories Unity Real-Timel ArchiveRestore

3) Save the Connectivity Transformation manager .txml file in the same area as the Archive. These two contain data for both the Unity Real-Time and the Transformation Manager. The .txml file is located in C:Program FilesBioRad LaboratoriesConnectivity Transformation ManagerTransformer Instrument Driver- in this case it is Dimension.

During Transfer of applications:

1) The installation of the Unity Real-Time is standard.

2) The installation of the Transformation Manager is standard as long as the user has the cd sent to them from BioRad

After Transfer of applications:

1) Restore the Archive into Unity Real-Time using the Restore function.

> Tools > Utilities > Archive Restore

2) Replace the saved .txml file into the same location on the new pc as the original pc. If a prompt appears asking to overwrite existing file, then click yes because the existing file on the new pc is blank.

*****Note: If the pc just contains the database, you will need to do a database backup instead of an archive. The .txml will not need to be moved because that information is stored on the pc with the application.

Database backup:

Goto Start Menu > Programs > BioRad Laboratories > Unity Real-Time Database Utilities > Backup/Restore then choose backup and the file created will be named QCDAO.bak

***When restoring the Database from the backup file created above, please remember to have the file located at “C:”.

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