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Unity Real Time is unable to connect to database which is on a server or network.

To enable Unity Real Time connect to a remote database do the following:

1. Confirm with local IT that the sqlbrowser.exe, port 1433 and 1434 are not being blocked by any firewall software.
2. Ensure the SQL Communication Protocols are enabled:

1).  Click on Start then Run. In the Open field type, cliconfg, click on OK.
2)  The SQL Server Network Utility window will be on your screen. Enable the following                            network protocols selecting each one and clicking on Enable:
3)  Under Enabled Protocols click on TCP/IP then the Properties button. The default port             number is normally 1433, click on OK, then click on OK in the Server Network Utility                             window.
Repeat steps 1 through 3 on the Server which has the database and on each Client PC.
3. If using named instances, make sure the SQL Browser is enabled.
4. Make sure that "Allow remote connections to this server" is enabled in the server properties.

If you require further assistance please call Bio-Rad Software Support at 1-800-854-6737 option 3.

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