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URT - Error Message “ Object reference not set to an instance of an object?"

Trying to start Unity Real-Time, you receive an error stating “ Unhandled Exception . . . Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

**Note:Please have your IT professional perform this resolution.** To resolve this error follow these steps:

  1. Do a backup of your Data Base using our Backup-Restore Database program.
  2. Uninstall Unity Real Time by using the Add/Remove Programs option in the Control Panel.
  3. Now go to Start and then choose “Run”
  4. Type in Regedit.
  5. Navigate to HKey_Local_Machine\Software\Bio-Rad Laboratories
  6. While in the Bio-Rad Laboratories folder delete the QC On Call Folder.
  7. Restart the computer
  8. Re-install Unity Real Time using Advanced to choose Client ONLY install.
  9. Restart Computer
  10. Run DSN Setup and select correct server and database
  11. Run Unity Real Time
If you require further assistance please call Bio-Rad Software Support at 800-854-6737 option 3.

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