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URT - How do I define tests using instrument setup?

If your instrument does not appear in the Available Instruments list, contact your Bio-Rad QC Program representative and request that it be added.

1. Login as a user with permission to manage labs/lots/tests.

2. Click the Test button on the toolbar. The Test dialog box appears.

3. Click Instrument Setup. The Instrument Setup dialog box appears.

4. Select an instrument from the list of available instruments.

5. Select units as SI or Conventional. (Conventional is selected by default.)

6. Click OK. A message with the number of tests added appears.

7. Click OK. The new tests appear in the Open tests list.

8. Delete and edit tests to match your laboratoryÂ’s testing profile. For example:

• Edit tests, as necessary, to change what appears in the Method Guide to the selections used in your lab.

• Delete tests created by Instrument Setup that are not performed in your lab. (Be aware that Instrument Setup may create two tests for the same analyte when more than one method is available for the same instrument.)

• Edit the VITROS slide generation from 00 to that used in your lab.

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