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URT - How do I set my SPC rules using current floating statistics?

SPC Rules apply only to point data.

  1. Click on the Test icon in the tool bar.
  2. Test dialog box will display.
  3. Select a test in the open test list.
  4. Click on the data button.
  5. Data entry screen will display.
  6. Enter multiple points of data for each level.
  7. Click on the Save Button.
  8. Select the same test in the open test list.
  9. Click on the Rules/Settings button.
  10. Select the Fixed Mean and SD tab.
  11. Select the Use Floating Statistics.
  12. Floating Mean and SD are displayed in the empty field.
  13. Click OK when finished.
If you require further assistance please call Bio-Rad Software Support at 1-800-854-6737 option 3.

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