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URT - I am having trouble installing the Unity Real-Time Software.

Unity Real-Time Installation Tips


1. Must be logged in as a local administrator.
NOTE: This is not the same as a domain administrator.
2. Must be using Windows 2000 SP4 or Windows XP.
NOTE: Will not run on Windows ME.
3. Must be using MDAC version 2.7 or later.
a. To find what version a user is running, do a search in the registry for MDAC.
b. You must search twice for the MDAC to get the version number.
4. Existing SQL database on a computer.
a. During installation, the username and password for the existing SQL will be requested.
b. If the user does not have the username and password, installation will change it to biorad.
c. A message will appear, notifying the user of the change.

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