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URT - I need to delete date from a certain date range

• Click on the Test Icon at the top of the page (looks like a test tube, and 4th button from the left)
• In the test dialog box, select the test for which you want to delete data from the Open Test list on the right side of the box.
• Click Delete Range of Data button to the right of the Open Test List
• Specify the start date and the end date.
• Click OK to delete the data. The screen displays the range of data to be deleted and asks you to confirm that you want to delete the data.
• Click Yes to delete.

Note: if you are trying to delete one line of data in the data input screen you can move your curser to the numbered line in the blue column to the left of the date column. Make sure that the arrow is a solid black arrow and click on the line that you want to delete. The entire line will be highlighted in black. Depress your "delete” button on your keyboard.

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