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URT - Import program unable to find data file after attempting to import data.

If the import function does not work, check the import settings and make sure the default settings are selected. Here are the default settings from top to bottom:

  • Import data archive : “C:\Program Files\Bio-Rad Laboratories\Unity Real Time\ImportArc”
  • QC output folder: “C:”
  • Rejection Retention: “60”
  • File retention: “30”
  • Run length: “15”
  • Create new lots if necessary: “Not Checked”
  • Create new tests if necessary: “Checked”
  • QC output file: “Not Checked”
  • Sort import files: “Not Checked”
  • Redundant data filter: “Not Checked”
  • Disable all rules violation: “Not Checked”
  • Import Data Source: “C:Program Files\Bio-Rad Laboratories\Unity Real Time\InstrumentImport”
  • Field Separator: “Vertical Bar”
  • Decimal Point: “Dot”
  • Delimiter: “ | “
  • Polling separator: “Vertical Bar”
If you require further assistance please call Bio-Rad Software Support at 800-854-6737 option 3.

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