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URT - Setup Windows XP to automatically backup your Unity Real-Time database.

1. Click Start | Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Scheduled Tasks.
2. Double Click Add Scheduled Task.
3. Click Next and then Click Browse.
4. Select Look in: Local Disk (C:)
5. Double Click the MSSQL folder
6. Double Click the Utils folder
7. Double Click BackRest.exe
8. Type a name for this Backup ex. Bio-Rad Backup
9. Select the frequency of the backup and click Next. (we recommend daily backups)
10. Select the time to backup and click Next. (we recommend to backup at the end of the day)
11. Enter your login password and click Next.
(this allows the backup to start if you are logged off, this does not log you on or give anyone else access to your login.
12. Click Finish and Close the Scheduled Tasks Window.
13. When the Backup starts, Select the database and Click OK. This window will show Backup Completed when successful.

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