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What are your hours and what kind of service do you provide?

Our Hours: 5AM – 5PM Pacific Time
US residents can reach support by calling 800-854-6737 option #3
Outside the US, please email us at

• We strive for complete customer satisfaction. Please email if you feel you have any issues or concerns with these terms.

• We are 1st Tier Support for all Pre-Connected and Post-Connected Software Issues. If you are in the middle of the Connectivity process, we will ensure you are routed back into the appropriate group.

• We will either handle or ensuring correct routing on all support issues for basic configuration and maintainence relating to your participation in our Interlaboratory Program. We will also ensure correct routing for questions on our control materials, inserts or any other Bio-Rad supported product.

• We answer 90% of all calls within 30 seconds and enter your call into our ticketing system. During this initial call we request your email address and phone number so we may send out your ticket number and information, keep you updated on your ticket status and help us follow up on resolution of your issue. We will call back all newly opened tickets in less than 1 hour.

• We may schedule calls up to 2 days out depending on your availability.

• We will continue to call and email all tickets until we receive a response from you in order to resolve your issue.

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