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What does Error 429 (ActiveX component can't create object) on line 50 in procedure AddQCData of Class Module BioRadQCClass mean?

When receiving this message it could lead to various solutions or indicative of the following scenarios [see below].
  1. The version of Instrument Manager is earlier than 8.04.13

    Description: The user must have 8.04.13 or greater in order for the system to integrate with Bio-Rad’s components. This is the first iteration of the integration.

    Resolution: Contact DI for upgrade process.
  2. The versions of the URT client and database are different.

    Description: If the client application version that resides locally on the IM Production server is not in sync with the database version, there is an incompatibility between

    Resolution: Update the URT application or database to ensure compatibility [refer to KB article id#125241for reference].
  3. The qcdao.ldf is/has become too large.

    Description: The Bio-Rad database is designed around SQL architecture using MSDE 2000 SP4 [URT 1.0], SQL Express [URT 2.0]. If not maintained by local administrators the transaction log file size may exceed a certain threshold and there for does not commit any further transactions to the database.

    Resolution: Verify size of the transaction log. In order to truncate the transaction log please contact a Bio-Rad representative by calling 1-800-854-6737 option 3 for support.
  4. The Instrument Manager has a conflicting componentforimport.dll from a previous install.

    Description: Earlier versions of the IM install included Bio-Rad components. These components are conflicting when the new components are installed on the IM primary system.

    Resolution: Search the hard drive to confirm that the componentforimport.dll exists only in C:\Program Files\Bio-Rad Laboratories\Unity Real-Time. If the file does exist, delete the file and reboot the system [refer to KB article id# 125241 for reference]. Or, please contact a Bio-Rad representative by calling 1-800-854-6737 option 3 for support.
  5. Prior to 8.07 the URT database password is restricted in allowable complexity.

    Description: At times users may define a strong password for the SQL authentication account. These users typically use an in-house SQL server to create a new authentication account other than the default user id “sa” and pwd “biorad’.

    Create an authentication account that has full DBO owner rights to the Bio-Rad database. For stronger passwords contact DI.
  6. The Instrument Manager QC setup connection’s login/authentication is different than the main QC setup Bio-Rad login/authentication.

    Description: IM 8.05 or greater has the ability to redirect connections to different databases. This creates multiple authentication points.

    Resolution: Verify that all authentication points are configured correctly.
  7. All stored procedures in the URT database must be dbo.

    Description: Depending on how the Bio-Rad database is setup, the stored procedures may be updated with different permission.

    Resolution: The DBA must reset the ownership of all stored procedures to DBO. Or, please contact a Bio-Rad representative by calling 1-800-854-6737 option 3 for support.
  8. DNS names vs. IpAddress

    Description: Sometimes networks have difficultly with computer name resolution.

    Resolution: Try using the IP of the server that hosts the URT database.
  9. SQL Server Network Utility

    Description: The URT client application cannot login to the URT database. At times, the server name is not displayed within the drop down list.

    On the system where the database resides, check the SQL Server Network Utility (Start > run "svrnetcn"). Enable both "TCP/IP" and "Named Pipes."
  10. IM Primary vs. Secondary

    Description: In multiple server environments [primary, shadow, hot back-up, validation, etc.] can lead to confusion of which server is actually accepting the data flow.

    Resolution: Install the URT client application on all systems and all versions match the version of the URT database.
If you require further assistance please call Bio-Rad Software Support at 800-854-6737 option number 3.

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