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Bio-Rad Laboratories provides The Complete QC Solution for your laboratory

Bio-Rad Laboratories’ portfolio of more than 230 different quality control products allows your laboratory to take control of most in-vitro diagnostic test methods. Our products cover hundreds of analytes tested for thousands of methods. Such comprehensive products provide your laboratory with opportunities to reduce the number of vendors, purchasing costs and the burden of maintaining a multitude of products in your inventory.

Bio-Rad provides you with the ability to automate your laboratory’s QC information management system with the Unity™ Data Management System, a system that sets the standard for improving quality control operations in the laboratory. The Unity™ Data Management System allows you to immediately begin reaping the benefits of the internet by delivering reports instantly, through the Bio-Rad internet site Bio-Rad’s software may also allow you to minimize laboratory retests through the use of one of four analytical goals: Total Error, Biological Variation, Medical Relevance, and State of the Art precision. In addition, add confidence in your QC program by knowing you are participating in the world’s largest interlaboratory comparison program.

Bio-Rad’s External Quality Assurance Services (EQAS) provide you with international external quality assessment programs that survey more than 5,000 participants in over 90 countries. Our expanding line of EQAS products allows your laboratory to participate in programs covering more than 120 analytes in a testing frequency to meet your needs. EQAS eForms provides you with easy-to-use electronic data submission. Our EQAS reports are formatted for easy interpretation to allow your laboratory to clearly assess performance and increase confidence in patient test results. Because Bio-Rad supports the health care community throughout the world, this global perspective helps us deliver insightful, forward-looking advances. In addition, Bio-Rad is sensitive to the particular needs of regional patient populations, government guidelines and standard diagnostic laboratory practice.


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