November 2006

New email address for data submissions!

Dear Unity QC Program Participant,

Thank you for participating in Bio-Rad’s Unity Interlaboratory Program.

If you submit your Unity data to Bio-Rad using email, please send your Unity data to our newly established email address,

In the past, you’ve submitted your Unity data directly to your assigned Unity representative’s email address. To improve our service to you we have established a general data submission email address.
Now when you submit your Unity data to, you will receive an automatic reply message letting you know we received your email. The reply message will also let you know how many data files were found in the email you sent.
Please note this new email address is for data submissions only. We will not be able to respond to questions and correspondence sent to the data submission email address. If you have technical questions regarding your Unity data, reports, software, etc., please continue to use the email address for your assigned Unity representative.
This change only applies to Unity participants who submit Unity data by email. This does not affect customers who submit Unity data by diskette, modem, ISP, or through QCNet/Unity Web.
Questions? Please contact your Bio-Rad Unity representative at (800) 854-6737, Monday-Friday, 5AM-5PM (Pacific Time).


Jeff Larson
Product Manager
QSD Informatics
John Stark
Technical Support Supervisor
Unity Quality Control Program

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