New and Improved Unity™ Interlaboratory Reports

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Bio-Rad drives innovation in the development of Quality Control products and services for the clinical laboratory. We’ve raised the bar before – now we’re doing it again. A fresh new look is coming to UnityTM reports making them easier than ever to read.

    New features:
  • Logical arrangement of data provides a quick and more intuitive read
  • Data consolidation and imagery simplifies interpretation of lab data
  • Condensed report formats conserve paper and printing costs



Why are my UnityTM reports going to change?

UnityTM reports have been redesigned with your laboratory in mind. Laboratory performance and QC practices have evolved to address patient safety concerns, staff availability, etc. – including improvements in our use of statistical analysis to assess system performance. Updated UnityTM reports will be easier to read and interpret allowing you to spot potential problems quickly. The redesigned formats have a logical, condensed arrangement of data and color charts.

The new reports will also provide better support for control lots that contain more than 3 levels. You can select the levels that work best on your test system and only these levels will display on your UnityTM reports.

Will my reports look different?

Data reports have been arranged for clarity and ease of use. Control data will display by level across rows, rather than down columns, in a more intuitive manner. In some reports data has been consolidated, while in others color images have been added to simplify interpretation. Easier to read and understand, Unity™ reports will include additional graphic information to show performance comparisons between individual and peer laboratories.

How do the reports print? Color graphics are nice, but expensive to print.

The designs are easier to read whether they are printed in color OR black and white. Unity™ reports print using fewer pages to conserve paper, ink AND – depending on your preference – can be printed in a black/white-only format, further reducing consumables and saving you money.


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