Unity Interlab Program Important Customer Updates

Although we did receive some data submissions for November interlaboratory peer reports, we would like to ask you to please resubmit your data by December 20, 2019

November Peer Reports will be available January 10, 2020. We thank you for your patience with the delay in providing interlaboratory peer reports to you due to our recent ransomware attack on December 5.

For December, the dates for data submission and report availability will be back to our normal schedule. December data should be submitted January 1 to 7, 2020. December peer reports will be available January 17, 2020.

The following instructions for submitting a Reconcile QC data file are provided below.  (Please note detailed instructions are contained on the attached pdf file).

Download instructions for Reconcile QC Data File »  

For Unity Real Time 2 customers:

  • Step 1: determine what version of URT2 is being used.  This will determine how the application will create and send the reconcile file.
  • Step 2: in the URT2 application main menu, choose Help, About Unity Real Time 2.  The application will display the About Unity Real Time screen.  Directly below the Unity Real Time banner is the listing of both the Application and Database versions.  Please note the Service Pack number to determine how to submit a reconcile.
  • Step 3: for URT2 customers using URT2 Service Pack 4 and greater:  from the main menu choose Tools/Utilities/Reconcile.  The application will display a reconcile popup box.  The user will use the default for all fields except the From and To dates.  These fields will have 11/2019 for both the From and To fields.  The user will click OK, ensure the box labeled "Send data to Bio-Rad" is checked and click OK.  The application will create and transmit the data file.  No further action is required.
  • Step 3 (cont.):  for URT2 customers using URT2 Service Pack 3 and lower:  from the main menu choose Tools/Utilities/Reconcile.  After clicking OK, choose  Tools/Unity Interlab/Send/Receive Data.  Once the Send/Receive Data box appears, click the Send data to Bio-Rad box and then click the OK button.  The application will send the reconcile transmission file to Bio-Rad.

For Unity Real Time Online/Unity Web customers:

  • Step 1: login to the URTO/Unity Web application.
  • Step 2: from the main menu, Select Tools/Utilities/Reconcile.
  • Step 3: ensure "All" is selected under the Lab number pulldown.  Additionally, ensure the "Configuration and data" box is checked and click OK.  The application will create and transmit the Reconcile file.
Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions, please contact your local Bio-Rad office for support.

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