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Experience the Bio-Rad advantage for Alinity and ARCHITECT systems

Need an efficient QC solution for your Abbott platform? Bio-Rad's comprehensive portfolio of QC products include Value Assignment on Abbott Alinity and ARCHITECT platforms to support your laboratory’s Quality Control requirements. Our ready-to-use InteliQ and compact vial controls fit directly on Abbott Alinity racks and include Alinity-compatible barcode labels to help streamline your QC set-up. For added versatility, our standard vial controls in liquid and lyophilized formats provide the most comprehensive analyte coverage to meet your testing needs. Connect your Abbott system to Unity data management and benefit from peer group data generated from more than 53,000 participating labs to help add confidence to your patient results.

Comprehensive QC solutions for Abbott systems

quality control products

analytes for Abbott assays

Abbott menu coverage

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Powering exceptional Abbott labs

With over 30 years of QC expertise and world-class support and training, Bio-Rad brings trust and reliability to your clinical lab and enhances your overall experience on Abbott systems.

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Comprehensive offering

Extensive offering of value assignments covering over 187 analytes for Abbott Alinity and 155 for ARCHITECT test menus meets any lab’s needs.

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Unbiased independent QC

Controls are similar to patient samples and are used to monitor your test system for added confidence.

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Largest QC peer groups

Integrating your Abbott system with Unity gives access to global peer groups and monthly peer reports, connecting you to other labs using Abbott platforms.

Bio-Rad quality controls

Bio-Rad offers more than 300 independent quality control products with over 600 of these analytes tested in most areas of the laboratory. Our controls are used to monitor precision on hundreds of the most widely-used diagnostic test systems. Select from our broad portfolio of independent quality controls designed for use with the test menu of your Abbott platform.

Experience the Bio-Rad advantage

Integrated Unity software solutions

By partnering with Bio-Rad, your lab can access the powerful Unity QC data management system, which provides access to the world’s largest peer group through our interlaboratory program. Assessment tools and reports can help meet necessary requirements, streamline your QC workflow, create standards for testing and benchmarking lab performance, and report results with confidence.

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Highest level of customer service, partnership, and technical support

Bio-Rad can support your lab with more than our leading independent quality controls. We provide QC technical support, program support for both Unity and the QCNet portal, software and connectivity support, and specialized technical proficiency in the form of trained specialists.

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Insist on Bio-Rad QC for your Abbott platform

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