Webinar: Linking QC Performance to Patient Risk

Webinar: Designing Risk Managed QC Strategies

Components of Mission: Control

Components of QC Statistics

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  1. Looking Ahead to Patient Risk Management
    We’re now living in a time when sophisticated automated systems continuously produce patient test results. Yet typical QC practices are based around a batch of patient samples, or are set by default to a once daily, regulatory minimum. Take your laboratory into the era of patient risk management.
  2. Risk Assessment and Quality Control
    Max Williams, MPA
  3. Impact of QC Frequency on Patient Results
    John Yundt-Pacheco and Curtis A. Parvin, PhD
  4. QC Design – It's Easier Than You Think
    Curtis A. Parvin, PhD, and Jay B. Jones, PhD, DABCC, FACB
  5. Total Analytic Error (TEa)
    James O. Westgard, PhD, and Sten A. Westgard, MS
  6. Designing QC Rules in the Presence of Laboratory Bias (AACC Poster)
    C. A. Parvin, L. Kuchipudi, J. Yundt-Pacheco
  7. Sigma Metrics, Total Error Budgets & QC
    Curtis A. Parvin, PhD, John Yundt-Pacheco and Max Williams
  8. Recovering from an Out-of-Control Condition
    Curtis A. Parvin, PhD, John Yundt-Pacheco and Max Williams
  9. The Focus of Laboratory Quality Control
    Curtis A. Parvin, PhD, John Yundt-Pacheco and Max Williams
  10. Large Scale Testing Errors
  11. Initial Implementation of a Risk based QC Scheme Using Mission: Control (AACC 2015 Poster)
  12. Assessing the Impact of the Frequency of Quality Control Testing on the Quality of Reported Patient Results
    Appendix to Article
    Curtis Parvin, PhD


  1. What's New in Laboratory Statistical Quality Control Guidance?
    The 4th Edition of CLSI C24, Statistical Quality Control for Quantitative Measurement Procedures: Principles and Definitions
    Curtis A. Parvin, PhD
    The Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine: An AACC Publication Mar 2017, 1 (5) 581-584; DOI: 10.1373/jalm.2016.022269
  2. Six QC recommendations to consider today
    Curtis A. Parvin, PhD, and John Yundt-Pacheco, MSCS
    MLO, Reprinted from March 2017