eInserts XML - eData for Siemens Healthineers Atellica® Solution

Easily upload product parameters and value assignment to the Atellica Solution using eInserts XML, a standard data exchange format that saves data input time, reducing the risk of transcription errors.
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In just a few simple steps you can get started!

Step 1 - Login

1. On QCNet, click on the myeInserts button or visit www.myeinserts.com

2. Login with your User ID and password, or register as a new user.

Step 2 - Choose Data

1. Select Product, Lot and Language

2. Customize My eInserts

• Choose instrument: Atellica Solution
• Add XML file and configure levels
• Choose units

3. Download

4. Accept Disclaimer

5. Save XML file (save to a USB drive, if desired)

Step 3 - Import Data

Your insert data is ready for import into the Atellica Solution.

For import instructions, refer to the Atellica Solution System Operations Manual.


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