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Wide range of controls for expanded QC capabilities

Hematologists and physicians rely on the accuracy of hematology tests to diagnose, treat, and prevent various disorders and blood-related diseases—making choosing the right QC strategy critical for performance. We offer a wide range of assayed hematology controls to monitor the precision of hematology test procedures. Our hematology controls help both streamline your workflow and improve consistency to minimize the risk of reporting erroneous patient test results.

Consistent, reliable blood testing

Key benefits of hematology controls

Wide range of hematology products help meet all your lab’s needs

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Compatibility with many platforms increases capability

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Longer shelf lives reduce crossover studies and save money

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Extended open-vial stability helps reduce cost

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Unity software offers large peer group for increased reliability in test results

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Labs can help reduce QC costs by using our individual reticulocyte controls

Top hematology products

Liquichek Hematology-16 Control right arrow icon

Liquichek Hematology-16 Control


  • For most 3-part analyzers that measure up to 16 parameters
  • Blood cells in plasma-like fluid 
  • 3 mL—levels low, normal, high, trilevel, trilevel minipak 
  • Up to 16 parameters: granulocytes (GRAN), hematocrit (HCT), hemoglobin (HGB), ... 

Open-vial stability 

  • 21 days (2 to 8°C) 

Shelf life

  • 160 days (2 to 8°C) 
3-part WBC differential  16 parameters 

Liquichek Sedimentation Rate Control right arrow icon

Liquichek Sedimentation Rate Control


  • For over 20 automated and manual methods, including Westergren and Wintrobe 
  • Stabilized human red blood cells in suspensions 
  • 9 mL—levels 1, 2, bilevel minipak 
  • Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) 

Open-vial stability 

  • 31 days (18 to 30°C) 

Shelf life

  • 540 days (18 to 30°C)
Automated and manual methods  ESR control assay 

Liquichek Hematology Control (S) right arrow icon

Liquichek Hematology Control (S)


  • Assayed control for use with Sysmex hematology analyzers with 5-part differential technology
  • Blood cells in plasma-like fluid
  • 3.5 mL—trilevel, trilevel minipak
  • Basophils (BASO), cellular hemoglobin concentration mean (CHCM), eosinophils (EOS), …

Open-vial stability 

  • 15 days (2 to 8°C) 

Shelf life

  • 80 days (2 to 8°C)
5-part differential  Broad portfolio 

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