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Bio-Rad’s advanced QC data management tools, including our Unity software solutions, help laboratory personnel connect and compare their data with labs worldwide. Quality control data management is essential to efficient and reliable lab outcomes. Greater than 29,000 peers in more than 100 countries rely on Unity’s advanced QC data management capabilities to achieve a higher level of confidence in their patient test results.

Powerful data management

29K+ peers
53K+ instruments participating
500K+ monthly reports generated
100+ countries

QC data management solutions

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Unity QC software is designed to help your QC lab achieve greater efficiency while reducing costs—allowing you to identify trends and make corrections before results are compromised. Unity helps facilitate compliance under CLIA and ISO 15189, improve real-time bench and supervisor QC data review, run validation with comprehensive audit trails, and produce advanced charts and reports for data analysis.

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Key benefits of QC data management solutions

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CAP and CLIA support provide quality and accuracy of laboratory-developed tests

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Lab results are processed securely within your clinical workflow with data automation

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Support teams help with troubleshooting, peer analysis, and software implementation

Customer testimonials

“The documentation of Bio-Rad Controls using the Unity QC Program has been well accepted by CAP inspectors. Worry-free QC.”

Laboratory Director Health Center

“The reports are clean and easy to read and understand. For each test, Unity reports for our lab show a summary of our data, our instrument group, and our method group—reports are simple.”

Clinical Chemist Hospital Laboratory

“Bio-Rad is the best way to monitor my QC along with peers. Unity Realtime is a huge help.”

Laboratory Professional Hospital Laboratory

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