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Peer Reporting

A powerful tool for evaluating analytical performance

The Unity Interlaboratory Peer Program provides customers a cost-effective opportunity to optimize their analytical performance by utilizing QC data generated from thousands of laboratories worldwide. Unity is the world’s largest and most robust QC lab peer program for clinical labs with more than 29,000 participating labs actively reporting on over 53,000 instruments, resulting in more than 17 million QC results processed every month. Unity peer reports are designed to give laboratories the opportunity to compare and improve their analytical performance, helping increase confidence in their results.

For consistent, optimized results

participating labs


QC results processed monthly

Key benefits of peer reporting program

Large peer groups help provide confidence in the reliability of your test results

Peer group comparisons help identify trends or shifts earlier

Participation in an interlaboratory program helps your lab meet quality requirements

Electronic data submission helps streamline workflow

Comparison reports allow for real-time troubleshooting

Online reports help improve workflow efficiency

QC data submission calendar

To participate in our monthly program, your lab should submit its data each month on or before the end of the first week of the month (the specific due date is the seventh day of the month). In doing so, this data will be included in the generated peer reports, which you will have access to by the middle of the month.

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Access and manage your peer reports

My Unity peer reports

Interlaboratory peer group reports show comparative results among laboratories and are used to evaluate values and assess test methods.

InstantQC reports

The program offers the ability to receive on-demand InstantQC reports. InstantQC permits you to compare your control results to other laboratories any time.

Manufacturer reports

In our manufacturer reports, each manufacturer is able to see how their instruments are performing for a particular lot. Reports can also be used as a reference when evaluating a new instrument or kit.

Worldwide reports

Summarizing all the peer group data submitted to the Unity Interlaboratory Program, our worldwide report is available for each control lot number.

Customer testimonials

"To compare our data with a substantial peer group ensures that we are turning out reliable patient data."

Laboratory Supervisor

School of Medicine

"The reports are clean and easy to read and understand. For each test, Unity reports for our lab show a summary of our data, our instrument group, and our method group—reports are simple."

Clinical Chemist

Hospital Laboratory

"The documentation of Bio-Rad controls using the Unity QC program has been well accepted by CAP inspectors. Worry-free QC."

Laboratory Director

Health Center

Laboratory and international standards

"The laboratory shall participate in interlaboratory comparisons..."

—ISO 15189: 2003(E), Subclause 5.6.4.

"Laboratories are encouraged to actively participate in interlaboratory QC programs..."

—CLSI (formerly NCCLS), C24-A2, Vol. 19, No. 5.

“The laboratory shall design internal quality control systems that verify the attainment of the internal quality of results. ”

—ISO 15189: 2012(E), Subclause

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