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Bio-Rad QC Portfolio for
Roche Diagnostic Analyzers

Experience the Bio-Rad QC advantage for Roche systems

Transform your QC processes with Bio-Rad quality control products and Unity software solutions for Roche diagnostic test systems. We are proud to offer a broad portfolio of quality controls for use on Roche cobas, Elecsys, and Hitachi Modular systems. A leader in quality control expertise and support for over 30 years, Bio-Rad offers automation, extensive value assignment, and support in real-time troubleshooting. Customers can count on the comprehensive service, support, and consultation of a world-class partner.

Simplify your QC workflow on Roche diagnostic analyzers

InteliQ. The smart QC choice for Roche systems

InteliQ quality controls automate QC on Roche cobas 8000 platforms. These barcoded, load-and-go controls reduce hands-on time and manual errors, streamlining workflows and giving customers more freedom.

  • Automated workflow and data download reduce hands-on time and manual errors
  • Liquid format and off-board storage options eliminate the need for reconstitution and pour off, providing added convenience

How it works


QC Product Setup

Download VA data directly from
Roche cobas 8000 workstation via cobas® link.



Load InteliQ tubes onto instrument. No manual pour off required.


Compare data

Access the Unity Data Management Program to compare results.

Download workflow infographic

Download workflow infographic

Watch Webinar

Watch Webinar

Powering exceptional Roche labs

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Target shooting icon

Precise controls

Elevate your performance with our extensive portfolio of the highest quality independent quality controls to simplify your laboratory’s processes

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Barcode icon

Powerful QC peer groups

Improve analytical quality and confidence in your results with access to the world’s largest QC peer group comparisons

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Appointment icon

Time savings

Minimize crossover studies and reduce lot-to-lot variability with longer shelf lives and convenient lot reserves

Bio-Rad quality controls

Bio-Rad offers more than 300 independent quality control products with over 600 analytes tested in laboratories. Our controls are used to monitor the precision of hundreds of the most widely used laboratory testing procedures. Select from our broad portfolio of independent quality controls to match the test menu of your Roche system.

Experience the Bio-Rad advantage

Integrated Unity software solutions

By partnering with Bio-Rad, your lab can access the powerful Unity QC data management system, which provides access to the world’s largest peer group data through our interlaboratory program. Assessment tools and reports can help your lab stay in compliance with requirements, streamline your QC workflow, create standards for testing and benchmarking lab performance, and report results with confidence.

Learn more about Unity software solutions right arrow icon

Highest level of customer service, partnership, and technical support

Bio-Rad can support your lab with more than our leading independent quality controls. We provide QC technical support, program support for both Unity and the QCNet portal, software and connectivity support, and specialized technical proficiency in the form of trained specialists.

Learn more about our software, QC program, and technical support right arrow icon

Frequently asked questions

You can order the controls directly through the Bio-Rad website or your Bio-Rad representative. If controls are provided as part of a contract agreement, please contact your Roche representative.

Bio-Rad’s technical support team includes professional QC experts who will be happy to help you. Please visit our Support page.

Our advanced Unity data management tools offer the largest worldwide interlaboratory peer group comparisons to help you ensure reliable test systems throughout laboratories in your system.

We provide an extensive list of basic and advanced educational programs. Please visit our Training & Education page.

Discover how Bio-Rad can transform QC workflows on your Roche Analyzer

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