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QC Lot Viewer

Simplified QC order planning and tracking

QC Lot Viewer is a cloud-based platform that allows visibility into your standing QC orders, providing simplified order management and monthly shipment metrics. You will be able to see a comprehensive report of your standing QC orders, specific lot numbers, and expiration dates. QC Lot Viewer is conveniently accessible at any time and can help you plan your future QC orders.

Benefits of QC Lot Viewer

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Free & unlimited access

No trial periods or hidden costs. You get unlimited access to your ordering reports, completely free.

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QC order planning

Sort and find key ordering information, such as lot numbers and expiration dates. Organize and plan your next order with confidence.

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Full visibility

View your scheduled shipments, remaining orders, and an overview of your average monthly shipment metrics

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User-friendly navigation

Quickly sort and find your QC products of interest.

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Convenient reporting

Export and save your report to Excel for offline access.

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Multiple users

Grant user access to anyone in your organization and coordinate ordering activities with your team.

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