Unity Next

Insightful QC with effortless access to your peer data anytime

Unity Next is the future of Bio-Rad’s QC data management software featuring real-time peer reports, and simplified and intuitive data management. Unity Next allows your lab to get instant access to the industry’s largest peer groups, and helps streamline monthly QC reporting with the ability to sign and save lab reports online. Designed with practicality and functionality for today’s lab in mind, Unity Next can elevate your lab’s performance and improve workflow efficiency with critical insights from QC data.

Enhanced QC peer comparison software

Ensure confidence in test results with access to peer reports at any time.

Explore the latest features from Unity Next and see how you can meet compliance inspections and compare QC results with peers in one location.

29K+ peers
53K+ instruments participating
17M+ QC results processed monthly
500K+ monthly reports generated

How can Unity Next help your team?

  • Lab supervisors

  • Lab technologists

Easy instrument set up and maintenance with pre-defined valid configurations
View and monitor QC performance across all instruments
Identify QC failures and mitigate errors quickly with real-time reporting
Ensure accuracy of your QC records with automatic rule evaluation
Access peer reports directly on Unity Next
Access Unity Next anytime with single sign-on
Sign and save reports electronically
Access peer reports directly on Unity Next
View and monitor QC data across all instruments

Why upgrade to Unity Next?

Unity Next provides enhanced QC data management features to help streamline your laboratory workflow. With a quick and seamless transition, you will be able to automate QC data uploads as well as troubleshoot QC errors with on-demand peer reporting, helping to ensure your QC strategy is optimized for good quality.

Features UnityWeb Unity Next
On-Demand Reports Limited
Sign & Save Reports Electronically
Single Sign On (SSO)
User-dictated visibility by instruments, departments, and more
Hierarchical viewing for effortless navigation
Access to lab reports in a central location

Move to Unity Next!

The latest version of Unity is ready for U.S customers utilizing peer reporting. With a seamless transition, you'll receive access to QC data and instant peer reports, all in one location. Be one of the first to experience Unity Next.

Available for U.S. customers only.

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