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Setting a new standard in molecular lab performance. Together.

We understand that your work in molecular diagnostics helps enable powerful insights and new therapies. Bio-Rad is a recognized leader in quality control and data management. With our comprehensive line of molecular standards and controls, we can help you with your goal of providing critical and accurate diagnostic information. Together, we can advance the science of molecular diagnostics to drive efficiency, confidence, and better patient care.

Partnering with you to improve patient care

Setting a new standard in molecular lab performance.  Together.

Bringing 60 years of quality control expertise to molecular labs

Bio-Rad has been a leader in quality control for more than 60 years and we are bringing this expertise to molecular labs with:

Benefits of Exact Diagnostics molecular quality controls and verification panels

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Measured with ddPCR for the absolute and unbiased quantification or calibration of verification panels, controls, and standards

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Verification panels are traceable to available WHO international standards

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Verification panels manufactured according to ISO 17511 for the highest quality and consistency

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High-quality matrices help ensure coherent QC results 

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Lot-to-lot reproducibility helps maintain consistency of QC and quantitative test results

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Longer shelf lives help save time on crossover testing and money

Comprehensive portfolio of molecular diagnostic standards and controls

The Exact Diagnostics line of molecular standards and controls can provide high-quality QC solutions for key diagnostic areas. These products feature unsurpassed quality, characterization, and consistency for which Bio-Rad is known. Our growing portfolio includes innovation in syndromic panels and other molecular applications. Our key diagnostic areas include transplantation, virology, sexually-transmitted infections, microbiology, hospital-associated infections, respiratory illness, and tick-borne diseases.

Top molecular controls products


Exact Diagnostics SARS-CoV-2, Flu, RSV Run Controls right arrow icon


  • Calibrated with ddPCR
  • Synthetic matrix, including human genomic DNA (gDNA)  
  • Five vials of 1.0 mL each—positive, negative  
  • Whole inactivated organisms: SARS-CoV-2, Influenza A, Influenza B, Respiratory Syncitial Virus (A)

Open-vial stability

  • Can be frozen–thawed a maximum of five times

Shelf life

  • 24 months (from date of manufacture)

Exact Diagnostics SARS-CoV-2 Standard right arrow icon


  • Quantitated with ddPCR
  • Synthetic matrix, including human genomic DNA (gDNA)  
  • Five vials of 0.3 mL each—standard, negative 
  • Five genes contained in synthetic RNA transcripts: S, E, N, ORF1ab, RdRP

Open-vial stability 

  • 24 hours (2 to 8°C) 

Shelf life

  • 18 months (from date of manufacture)

Exact Diagnostics Respiratory Positive - Negative Run Controls right arrow icon


  • Calibrated with ddPCR
  • Synthetic matrix
  • Six vials of 0.3 mL each—positive, negative
  • 22 respiratory analytes (combination of whole inactivated organisms and synthetic RNA transcripts)

Open-vial stability 

  • Once thawed, positive control must be used immediately

Shelf life

  • 18 months (from date of manufacture)

Experience the Bio-Rad advantage

Integrated Unity software solutions

By partnering with Bio-Rad, your lab can access the powerful Unity QC data management, which provides access to our interlaboratory program. Assessment tools and reports can help your lab meet regulatory and compliance requirements, streamline your QC workflow and process, create standards for testing and benchmarking lab performance, and report results with confidence.

Learn more about Unity software solutions right arrow icon

Highest level of customer service, partnership, and technical support

Bio-Rad can also support your lab with more than QC. We provide QC technical support, program support for both Unity and the QCNet portal, software and connectivity support, and specialized technical proficiency in the form of trained specialists.

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